09/04  Poetry in motion

Poetry in motion

Now, this is a serious blast from the past. Oskar just sent me a wicked fresh clip with classic motion logos.

The “Stephen J. Cannell” logo cracks me up. Hanna Barbera (the first one with the star) is a classic that instantly brings back childhood memories. “Dick Clark Productions” is seriously phallic.

Anyways, enough ranting. Watch the clip!

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08/23  Leave to remain

Kathryn Williams

We love Kathryn Williams. Her new video “When” goes straight into the heart.

She has a way of achieving breathtakingly beautiful simplicity with her music. It’s all really based around her voice, a guitar or two, and sometimes a cello.

“It’s a beautiful thing to make music. I wanna write small songs about the small things in life, because I think they’re the most beautiful things.”

My friend Per Kristiansen introduced me to Kathryn way back when. We actually went to a concert together, to see Kathryn play at Södra Teatern in Stockholm. It was a powerful experience. If you have the chance to see Kathryn play live – don’t miss it!

More videos here: Kathryn Williams at Youtube

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08/20  Those Were The Days

The lovely Lady

First heard of Lady Sovereign in early 2005, and was thrilled by the fresh sound. So thrilled that I did a bootleg remix/mashup of the track “Ch Ching”. You can listen to it by entering the full experience, then going to the section “Wonderful Gifts For Your Ears”.

The Lady’s come a long way since, and recently toured with Gwen Stefani. Not entirely in agreement with her new musical direction, as she seems to have strayed from her street roots towards a wider pop approach. Guess it’s inevitable to some extent when big labels start pointing their sticky fingers. But I think she’ll come back around.

In any case, this is a great track – an old school groove:

More stuff at ladysovereign.com.

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  Read A Book

Read A Book

Today’s public service announcement is insane. I, for one, welcome our new book overlords.

When I was a little boy, there was a program called “Anslagstavlan” (The bulletin board) on Swedish TV. It was a 5 minute segment where the government informed you of important things. Public service announcements have come a long way since.

This one made me laugh (and yet appreciate why it was done, and that it’s very well done):

Directed by Tyree Dillihay, music by Bomani “D’Mite” Armah, animation by Six Point Harness.

Found via MeFi & Jarko.

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08/16  Word of the day: Hexayurt


Vinay Gupta has dreamed up and constructed the Hexayurt. It is a shelter designed for refugees and other people with a small housing budget. A Hexayurt only costs a few hundred dollars in materials, and can be built in just a few hours.

Adding to the excitement, the Hexayurt is entirely free. Open source housing. All the information you need to build one is at The Hexayurt wiki.

Start by watching a video about the Hexayurt. Then read up on the project at appropedia.org.

Found via treehugger.com (where Hexayurt won the Participate! competition)

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