f.o.c. The music of Flower Of Cables


Flower Of Cables is the music of Pär Almqvist.

Nu-jazz, electronica, house, broken beats, ambient dub, break beats, drum & bass, dubstep and whatever else floats our boat.

We’ve been called other things as well. One of our first releases (Alonely) was made under the acronym “Slug”. And some music has been released under another acronym – “Device”. So now you know.

I’ve been playing and making music since I was 5 years old. As enjoyment, and as a way to deal with life.

The website

Read the post “The anatomy of a website” for further information on the thoughts behind flowerofcables.com, and add your comments.

The site is powered by Wordpress, hosted by One.com, and only uses properly validating XHTML & CSS.

Insane flash programming by Oskar Sundberg / Dread (.fla files soon available in open source, packaged with the “FOC” Wordpress theme).

Stylish F.O.C. logotype by Scamed.

Content & design is © 2007 Pär Almqvist / Flower Of Cables.

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