09/04  Frickin’ laser beams!

Nuclear Fusion

Now, here’s some seriously good news. HiPER – A UK-based nuclear fusion research project – has just received approval from the European Union.

If successful, the already promising project has the potential to help end our energy crisis.

Wikipedia has comprehensive info on both HiPER and nuclear fusion.

These are exactly the sorts of projects that we’ll see emerging in the coming years.

I, for one, welcome our new (jazz)fusion overlords.

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  Dan Deacon’s Crystal Cat

Dan Deacon

There’s something addictive about Dan Deacon. The same kind of spontaneous energy that makes a 5-year old suddenly burst out in an improvised song.

Also, the guy is nuts. Seriously. But in a good way.

Found via everyoneforever.com

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  Poetry in motion

Poetry in motion

Now, this is a serious blast from the past. Oskar just sent me a wicked fresh clip with classic motion logos.

The “Stephen J. Cannell” logo cracks me up. Hanna Barbera (the first one with the star) is a classic that instantly brings back childhood memories. “Dick Clark Productions” is seriously phallic.

Anyways, enough ranting. Watch the clip!

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08/23  Leave to remain

Kathryn Williams

We love Kathryn Williams. Her new video “When” goes straight into the heart.

She has a way of achieving breathtakingly beautiful simplicity with her music. It’s all really based around her voice, a guitar or two, and sometimes a cello.

“It’s a beautiful thing to make music. I wanna write small songs about the small things in life, because I think they’re the most beautiful things.”

My friend Per Kristiansen introduced me to Kathryn way back when. We actually went to a concert together, to see Kathryn play at Södra Teatern in Stockholm. It was a powerful experience. If you have the chance to see Kathryn play live – don’t miss it!

More videos here: Kathryn Williams at Youtube

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08/20  Those Were The Days

The lovely Lady

First heard of Lady Sovereign in early 2005, and was thrilled by the fresh sound. So thrilled that I did a bootleg remix/mashup of the track “Ch Ching”. You can listen to it by entering the full experience, then going to the section “Wonderful Gifts For Your Ears”.

The Lady’s come a long way since, and recently toured with Gwen Stefani. Not entirely in agreement with her new musical direction, as she seems to have strayed from her street roots towards a wider pop approach. Guess it’s inevitable to some extent when big labels start pointing their sticky fingers. But I think she’ll come back around.

In any case, this is a great track – an old school groove:

More stuff at ladysovereign.com.

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