03/20  Spotify – for the love of music!


My friend Kristian, who’s doing marvelous things at Spotify, gave me a highly desired beta-invite to Spotify this week. And I’m amazed. Ever since Pandora shut down, I’ve been looking for a good alternative. Sure, there’s last.fm and many others. But they just don’t do it for me.

Meet Spotify. This is, hands down, the best streaming player I’ve ever encountered. The user interface is intuitive, the sound quality is excellent, the music selection is enormous. So far, I haven’t found a single bug or flaw that has annoyed me.

Sure, the genre selection is not as fine-tuned as it could be. Sometimes completely unrelated music enters your stream. But even if that’s unintended, it can be quite refreshing. To encounter something fresh and unexpected.

And that’s really what Spotify is all about: musical wandering. You make a few selections, then enter on a musical journey. A journey that looks very promising.

I’ve had Spotify open since I first downloaded the app. And I have no plans to shut it down. It’s simply too good, too addictive, too inspirational.

So, bravo Spotify! You’re on to something powerful.

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11/01  Glitchy autumn leaves


Über-talented sound genius Alex Berg serves up a wonderfully fluid after hours mix: tennishero.se/oktmix.mp3.


1. Quadrion – Karusu
2. Marc Antona – One more sugar
3. Riley Reinhold – Lights in my eyes (Patrice Baumel Mokum remix)
4. Salomon & Stimming – Feuervogel (Guido Schneider remix)
5. Lazy Fat People – Low profile (2000 and one remix)
6. Dennis Ferrer ft. Malena Perez – I can’t go under
7. D’Malicous – Dark tradition
8. Stimming – Funkworm
9. Ante Perry & Babylon Robots – Der urknall

Goodness all over. Go get it now!

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09/04  Dan Deacon’s Crystal Cat

Dan Deacon

There’s something addictive about Dan Deacon. The same kind of spontaneous energy that makes a 5-year old suddenly burst out in an improvised song.

Also, the guy is nuts. Seriously. But in a good way.

Found via everyoneforever.com

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  Poetry in motion

Poetry in motion

Now, this is a serious blast from the past. Oskar just sent me a wicked fresh clip with classic motion logos.

The “Stephen J. Cannell” logo cracks me up. Hanna Barbera (the first one with the star) is a classic that instantly brings back childhood memories. “Dick Clark Productions” is seriously phallic.

Anyways, enough ranting. Watch the clip!

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