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July 01, 2008

The eye of the storm

Posted in: Soapbox


Amidst packed bags, with a glass of cold Elderberry juice, a newly potted Hibiscus resting on the terrace and Istanbul sleeping, I’m winding down for the day.

This year has so far meant finding new melodies, time compression, unimaginable beauty, massive change and countless lessons learned. And spending far too many (to be desirable) hours in the air.

We’re now in the eye of the storm. Which, for us, means moving across three continents. From Istanbul to Delhi, via Stockholm.

The studio is packed up in an old Dunderdon bag, bar the Yamaha studio monitors. Countless cables have been disconnected, carefully wound up and packed in suitable compartments. Literally, metaphorically.

Change is difficult. Letting go is equally hard, and often part of the former. It never gets easier to say goodbye, but you eventually learn that many endings are but transitions to new beginnings.

So we’re heading further east. To Delhi, where there are peacocks and huge boulevards. Where Hindi is spoken alongside English, and the Rose of Althea blossoms.

Hoşça kalın. Namaste!

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