12/01  Mumien som inte kunde sova

Mumien som inte kunde sova

I’ve composed music together with Oliver Börnfelt for Jesper Tillberg’s radio theatre show, book and CD “Mumien som inte kunde sova” (The Mummy Who Couldn’t Sleep). It was aired on Sveriges Radio (Swedish Public Radio) in October and November of 2006.

The challenge was to create a hybrid between ancient egyptian folk music, modern electronica and a slightly bombastic, Indiana Jones-styled matiné soundtrack.

I purchased a Ney flute in Istanbul because I found the timbre to be perfectly in line with the sound we set out to create. However, learning how to play the Ney turned out to take much longer time than expected, so I finally had to resort to my trusty old Bamboo flute that I got in the Phillippines in 2003. It worked out well, but I’m looking forward to a project where I’ll be forced to take my (fledgling) Ney skills to another level.

Anyways, have a listen to some of the tracks by opening the full experience in the top section of this page, then entering the section “The Semi Secret Sonic Identity Master”.

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Published by Pär, December 1st, 2006
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