05/29  Alright

Nordic Lounge Weekend

The track “Alright” was featured on “Nordic Lounge Weekend“, released by Dealers Of Nordic Music (DNM)

The track is about letting go. About a relationship gone overdue. Dealing with the loss of a loved one, and still feeling that it’s ok. That time has come for change.

Have a listen to the track by opening the full experience in the top section of this page, then entering the section “Wonderful Gifts For Your Ears”. It’s right there in the music player, compadre.

You can buy the track at iTunes Music Store, or get the album from Amazon.

“Nordic Lounge Weekend” tracklist:

1: Supernova Sky - Yukijobo
2: Missing - Cinque Cento
3: Falling Into You (SSBW Rmx) - Stateless
4: Donny - Saine
5: Summer Rain - Cloud
6: Metropolis (Full Version) - Duccu
7: Keep You Kimi (Plej Rmx) - Hird
8: Alright (Full Version) - FOC
9: Existence - Bugge Wesseltoft
10: Life In The Sun - Jol
11: You Never Come Closer - Ralph Meyers & The Jack Herren Band
12: Drop Me By The Stairs - Embee

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Published by Pär, May 29th, 2006
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